Complete three Alps Ultra Races and win Alps Ultra Majors!

Dreams are there to make them come true! That’s why we have combined the AUM prize with three prestigious and absolutely exceptional alpine runs!

With the Alps Ultra Majors project we want to distinguish runners who will complete:

  • Eiger Ultra Trail (Switzerland)
  • Grossglockner Ultra Trail (Austria)
  • Lavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy)

There are two versions of the reward predicted:

  • Alps Ultra Majors – for those, who finish runs on distances above 100 km
  • Alps UltraMajors Light – for those, who finish runs on distances above 45 km

If a runner finishes runs from both classifications – above 100 km and above 45 km – he will be rewarded depending on which runs were prevailing (to achieve AUM, a runner must finish at least two runs above 100 km plus one run above 45 km; if a runner finishes more 45 km runs than 100 km runs, he will get AUML reward).

There is no time limit to finish all three events (according to the qualification process or draw on some of them).

This will be a great and unique opportunity of extraordinary experiences, related to running in Alps… and something to be proud of as well!

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